Year: 2011

Hurt & Faith, Restoration

The gift of gratitude

I know Thanksgiving is supposed to be our holiday of gratitude. But for me, Christmas is much more so. I think perhaps it’s because I

Hurt & Faith

The hopelessness of darkness

I am awake at a ridiculously early hour this morning. There’s a windstorm pummeling our house that sits on a bluff above the Hood Canal,

Addiction & Recovery

Just take a pill

It’s way past time for me to write another post — and it’s coming — but this article is so important, I wanted to post

Addiction & Recovery, Hurt & Faith

Learning to hide

It’s been a long time since my last post. Sometimes, I struggle with a post for a few days and when it’s done it’s like

Addiction & Recovery, Hurt & Faith


It’s so strange. How we keep secrets. And so human. It comes so naturally to us, that we are often uncomfortable around people who are

Hurt & Faith, Restoration

Sun changes everything

I have an affinity for endless sunshine. I’m a California girl and even after nine years of living in western Washington, I haven’t gotten used

Hurt & Faith

Weighing In

I’ve often been a swinging pendulum . . . an all or nothing kind of gal. Throwing all my energy here and then way over there.  Terribly messy and

Addiction & Recovery, Hurt & Faith

“It don’t matter at all where you played before, California’s a brand new game”

 The camp years are going to be a challenge to write about. Many people reading this blog were a part of our life then and

Addiction & Recovery, Hurt & Faith

“Enduring hardship as a pathway to peace”

When I have the opportunity to talk about our story publicly, I always preface it with a little disclaimer: everyone’s journey through life is different.

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