And so it begins…

…welcome to enduring and after. A blog about going through hard things and getting your life back together afterward.

For us, it was prescription drug addiction and all the mess that accompanies it.

My husband, Dave, battled with addiction to tramadol (Ultram) for almost a decade before he — and I — hit rock bottom.

Through those years, we were actively involved in church ministry and Christian leadership. No one I knew had the kinds of struggles we had. I didn’t know where to go for help except to God.

I journaled like a crazy woman during those years. It helped me survive. And I learned a lot about practical help you couldn’t find in our church. But I felt very much alone. And I know my husband did, too. It’s truly a miracle that we are still married.

Part of that miracle for us was finding a Christian 12 Step recovery group. 

For the past five years, my husband and I have been involved in Celebrate Recovery, and it’s changed our lives.

Dave’s been “clean and sober” for 3 1/2 years now, and we’ve had the privilege of starting a Celebrate Recovery program at the church that has walked with us through this journey, Cornerstone Alliance Church.

We’ve been pondering the idea of getting this out on the internet, because that’s where we turned for help. But we knew needed to be farther down the road of recovery first.  

My hope is that this blog will attract readers who are dealing with addiction in their family, and that as I reflect on where we’ve been and where we are now, they’ll be encouraged.

Even if it’s just to know they are not alone.

19 thoughts on “And so it begins…”

  • It has been very encouraging to read your story. I first saw your article in Christianity Today and then found you here. My husband was “clean and sober” from 2009-2014 and then relapsed with a new and different drug, Tramadol. He was also prescribed it for migraines. He told the doctor his history with narcotics and was told this drug had a low addictive potential. In just a few months he was running through a month’s worth of pills in a couple weeks. Like you, I was completely ignorant to it at first. Tramadol became a controlled substance during his first pill relapse. Now, just this year, he relapsed again. He still has chronic migraines and went back to Tramadol and ran through it in a couple weeks his first month and then I found out. I read so much about addiction out there and it is hard to know how to handle it. Everyone seems to have different advice on addiction, but no one seems to have it all figured out since addiction is still an epidemic in our world. I do believe Jesus is the answer and I liked what I saw at the Celebrate Recovery site. I will pass the link along! Thank you for sharing your story!

  • A dear friend of mine lost her husband to a drug overdose related to his prescription drug addiction. Please pray for her continued healing. There were no encouraging blogs around at the time. It was over ten years ago. Thank you for this.

  • Thanks for finding my blog and leaving a comment so that I could here and read your story. What powerful healing God has done in your life. I know that your story will reach many!

  • Thank you for your transparency and honesty. How refreshing!! Congratulations on your progress!! Celebrate Recovery is such an effective and wonderful ministry, I thank you for sharing your story! I know God will work mightily through you both!!

  • Hi Deb….. there are lots of us around…. meaning people who believe the Bible and are caught in addiction. Lots of support from people who have travelled this road. 🙂

  • I’m a friend of Melinda’s and just wanted to say that I’ve been involved in Celebrate Recovery for over a year. I love it. I’m not “on” when I skip a week. What a great idea to journal your journey here!

  • I am teary reading about this, with so many thoughts and emotions. I think it is so wonderful that you are writing about this. None of us are immune to hard times, no matter what the struggle, we are all brought to our knees at some point in our lives. May you continue to find healing as you put yourself out there.


  • Deb,

    I LOVE it that you are doing this. You write beautifully. I look forward to walking this journey with you.

    Thanks for letting us be part of it!

    I am so happy that God is using you in this way, helping others find Him through their struggles.

  • Great start–love your photos for illustration. Looking forward to reading everything. We love you and enjoy every time we can get together. My favorite text dealing with suffering is 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 and next to it, Romans 12:12 (which I think is a fitting summary of the Book of Psalms).
    Love, Dad

    • Thank you, Dad. It’s so great to have the encouragement and support from our families. It’s always been there for us. We are very, very blessed. I write the stories every day of people who go through addiction who don’t have loving support and end up on the streets. That whole “But for the grace of God” thing? I think about it every day. By God’s grace, at our worst and at our best, our families have been there for us.

  • I am so glad you are telling this story and I am hopeful that it can help others who feel hopeless and alone. Especially followers of Christ who have failures and need to find the courage to tell the truth and experience real grace, freedom and deep relationships. I love you. Dave Beddoe

  • Love you guys. So glad you guys are healing and that you are writing. I have a friend who is trying to heal and move toward healing from her own broken time with addiction. Not easy except with our Lord ALL things are possible. 🙂

    • Thank you, Melinda!
      “Broken time” is a great way to describe it.
      And thank you for talking about me & my blog on your blog.

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