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Just take a pill

It’s way past time for me to write another post — and it’s coming — but this article is so important, I wanted to post it by itself.

Funny, I was at the doctor for severe neck pain last week when I ran across this article. And, true to every experience I have ever had with a doctor, the first option for the pain was the offer of narcotics.

Now, turns out, I do have a problem. And I have an MRI tomorrow to investigate further. (cervical spondylosis is the preliminary diagnosis from the xrays and some tests)

But will narcotics be the solution for me?

No. Not ever in this house. 

And that means I have to fight against the status quo.

Just take a pill.  

Every addict is faced with that easy option for a high any time they go to the doctor for pain. Or dentist, for that matter.

Do you know how hard it was to say no to pain medication for my neck? I’m sure you do if you’ve had any sort of serious pain.

But imagine if I had really wanted it. . . no one would know. Or care. Or blame me.

Read the article. And you’ll see how far behind this epidemic of prescribed painkiller addiction we really are.

Think about it. This is “NEWS” that Dave and I have known for 7 years: The Scary New Migraine Mistake in October’s edition of MORE magazine.

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