Year: 2012

Addiction & Recovery

talk to your kids about drugs. no, really.

I hear a lot of jokes about prescription drug abuse. Nearly every day, actually.  People think it’s funny to tease about being high after a dental


silent alarms

I’ve run into our past again. Not just once, but repeatedly. I want to write about these meetings, but I wrestle with the words for

Hurt & Faith

dreams of gold

Every time the summer Olympics roll around, I’m reminded of what I am not. I’m fairly certain my parents knew early on that I was

Hurt & Faith

all I ever have to be

I really am deeply grateful for my life. But there are moments, seasons when discouragement gets the upper hand. Frankly, I’m amazed at how quickly

Hurt & Faith

a life as unmanageable as my hair

I will always remember a dear friend’s words. I had three little ones and so did she. Once, when I apologized for not calling her, she

Addiction & Recovery

there is beauty in detail

Jane and I walk the road that leaves our little town and wanders along the shore. Snow-capped mountains to the west shine in the morning

Hurt & Faith, Restoration

maintaining regret

Today my head is consumed with fires. With the passing of my favorite screenwriter. With seminars and webinars from successful authors. With a plea for

Hurt & Faith, Uncategorized

what if we all quit being super woman

Lately, I’ve been working on the uncomfortable habit of being real. For a significant portion of my life, I’ve been busy. Not just busy, but

Healing our community

power in a parking lot

Yesterday, I had a Jesus moment. That moment when everything around you, all the stuff you are trying to do for Him is stripped away

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