Month: March 2013


blessings for healing: suffering

We have to be gentle with the hard words of Jesus.
Hating the messenger, though, is kind of part of the deal.

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blessings for healing, brotherhood

Peacemaking is not all sanitized photo-ops and signed documents and kisses on cheeks and shaking hands.
Real peace-making is ugly, painful, costly.


blessings for healing, seeing God

I can’t help thinking we’ve gotten so much wrong. And by we, I mean us “right” people. The ones who’ve studied and parsed and dissected. He wants us to look up from our books and sermon notes.

“Lord, when did we see you?”


blessings for healing: mercy

Dave thought the camellia was the bush I was referring to when I said, “That bush is ugly, and now I can see it through the bedroom window.”

Unfortunately, we have three bedroom windows . . .

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