shoes for the season

shoes for the season

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for a dozen years, and I just bought my first pair of actual rain boots.

The first year we lived here, I didn’t really own socks. I had worn flip flops nearly year round in Southern California. I remember one day my neighbor said, “You need to get yourself appropriate footwear.” I smiled and laughed. We were kind of poor. We needed things like food and gas.

Eventually, I accepted the cold — got socks, and all purpose rain/snow/low top boots, but I never had the real deal: tall rubber boots. Brand new! For less than what it costs to feed my boys at Taco Bell — which has become a standard of measure.


It’s kind of amazing what the right footwear can do. They actually made me want it to rain . . .

. . . and go on an adventure.

So my sister and I hit Seattle to celebrate her birthday. She has lived here for a little over a year and is very much delighted by the rain and tromping around the city in the rain sounded like the perfect way to spend her day.

Of course, I managed to hit every light on the way to the ferry, took too long to find a parking spot and feed the meter, and I had to run to catch the boat. I am always running to catch a boat. (The last time I rode the ferry, I was the lucky last car. This time, I was the sad loser watching through the terminal window as the gangplank raised and the boat left. Win some/lose some. Even Steven.)

Half a minute faster would have done it. But either rain boots are not good running shoes  . . . or I am not a good runner . . .

Anyway, we had a lovely time in the city.


We walked all over, ate someplace we’d never been, drank coffee and talked about all the things we could fit into four hours of conversation. She is a writer, an editor, a cancer survivor, a wife of a man in ministry, a mom of teens, a cat lover and owner, an avid reader, a smarty, a voice for justice, an artist. I love her, and she lives here now and we get to be in our forties together.

It was a good day. But it never rained.

That is, it never rained on us. Rain boots, rain coats  — we were so prepared!

The rain started the second I got off the ferry and into my car to go home.

On the way home, I thought about some things. You know, like you do when you are gliding over the water, breathing the soothing sea air.

1. Teaching your kids to love each other and enjoy each other’s company is so worth the massive amount of effort it takes when they are growing up.

I’m so thankful that my mom spent so much of her days refereeing children. I know from my own experience that it had to have been exhausting. But I have always believed one of my primary jobs as a mom is to nurture the friendships inside my house. I want my kids to always love each other. How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity! Psalm 133:1

2. I don’t dread the passage into fall and rain so much this year ‘cuz look at those fancy boots!

Live the season,

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22 thoughts on “shoes for the season”

  • I love it! And I know where you got those boots, and I want some! I read a great book about parenting a few years ago in which the author said, “It’s not enough to teach your kids to get along. You need to teach them to love each other sacrificially.” A bit counter culture but so true. And it will only make them love each other more when they learn to put the other person first!

    • Oh yes, and at $20, I couldn’t say no for a 13th winter! I’ve got to say, though, my legs are a bit sore from tromping all over Seattle in them. Also, I totally agree, getting along isn’t enough — that’s a perfect way to put it.

  • Thanks for yet another post that hit very close to home for me! I wish My grown boys were closer 🙁 but sometimes I think there are things in a family that causes a divide that as a mom, might be out of our hands to repair. But I will not give up hope that someday they can repair the bond & come to rely on each other. Thanks for continuing to write 🙂

    • That’s so true, Becky. So many times, it’s out of our hands as a parent. Hope — I think that’s my favorite word when it comes to our kids. Never giving up on them.

  • Send some of that rain our way–we’d gladly splash in it barefoot. Thanks for sharing the birthday outing with us via your blog. Fall is my favorite time of year–I must get somewhere where I can actually experience it fully again.

    • Hahaha! I’ve decided these are my “magical mystical boots” because I wore them again today. And magically, the rain disappeared. And yet, they were the only shoes I had at work . . . hmmmm.

  • I live in the PNW too. I love my polka dot rain boots they make me happy. I love here they embrace the rain and you hardly ever see anyone with a umbrella.

    • It’s true. I don’t know why I waited so long to get cute boots. And you’re right about umbrellas. The only time I use one is if it’s torrential or at a soccer game. 🙂

  • Such positive perspective! And I completely agree with you end comments…moms can play a role in developing positive sibling relationships…and why dread fall?!? It’s coming anyway…we just as well make the most of it!

  • Beautifully written. Although I live on the other side of the world, in the desert of the Middle East, I have visited Seattle many times and the rain is so much a part of its appeal.

  • oh, I love this! I’ve never been to Seattle but I do love rain boots. : ) What a fun day and amen on teaching kids to get along! Your next series needs to be on how to do that because my boys are in a difficult get along stage!

    • Oh man. My boys are 17, 14 and 12. And we are still in the midst of the teaching. It’s not as bad now as it was when they were younger, but it’s still in process. 🙂

  • lovely, especially your take away. Nurture friendships in your home. Wish I had done more of that. but there is still time even though some have already left the house.

  • I really enjoyed this ! I know so much what you mean about the appropriate footwear/ clothing completely changing your experience of something. I was a real city girl with farming in laws and it wasn’t until my kids were old enough to come home from every visit filthy and wet that I finally bought rain clothes/ rain boots! Suddenly being on the farm wasn’t so daunting anymore 🙂 Glad you are looking forward to the weather to come!

  • I love this post! Living in England means that rain boots are necessary for half the year, especially if you’re out in the country. A good quality pair will last a long time and will have stories to tell. As for a sister….never had one, always always wanted one. Enjoy yours!

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