the reluctant hostess: guest post at (in)courage

the reluctant hostess: guest post at (in)courage

I love to have guests, but I’m not much of an inviter.

Even when my heart is willing, acute self-consciousness creeps in and overwhelms my good intentions.

My nearsighted housekeeping, worn out furniture, fear of saying the wrong thing, and decidedly awkward inability to carry on a casual conversation stops me if I even have a minute to think about being a hostess.

I want to invite, I really do. I know how loved I feel when I’m invited. I watch friends do it with ease and grace and admire them for their ability to fold people into their lives.

But I’m not wired that way . . .

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  • Beautiful post! We are big on hospitality here in the Barnfather home – have people over weekly. I often tell people that it’s not about the food. It’s about the fellowship and time spent together. It gets easier everytime you do it 🙂 Becky B.

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