Toward Los Angeles, California; Dorthea Lange, photographer, 1937. Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA/OWI Collection, LC-DIG-fsa-8b31801
Toward Los Angeles, California; Dorthea Lange, photographer, 1937.

There is Hope!

We have found the resources below useful for dealing with prescription drug addiction, even if they don’t fully reflect my personal views (if you are new to recovery, you will find there are many different ideas regarding the nature of addiction and recovery). It’s merely a starting point.

If you have more questions about how to find help, I am happy to point you toward more resources, but I am neither a counselor nor an expert.

The best place to start dealing with prescription drug addiction is your doctor. If he/she doesn’t take it seriously, find another.  Depending on the drug, the amount you are taking, the length of time you’ve been taking it, you may need medically supervised detox.

But detox is only a start on the road of recovery. You need support. And if it’s a loved one who is battling addiction, you need support as well.

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The National Association for Christian Recovery

A comprehensive website full of resources for Christians battling addiction and their loved ones.

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Recovery Groups

  • Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-based, church-based 12 Step recovery program designed for both addicts and their loved ones. (We tried a few in our area before finding one where we were comfortable. The Step Studies challenged us deeply and have given us strong friends and accountability partners to walk with us through the healing process and beyond.) Twitter: @celebraterecvry
  • Pills Anonymous Similar to AA and NA, 12 Steps  for addicts (not necessarily Christ-based)
  • Christians in Recovery Multiple resources, including database of meetings, counselors, rehab facilities and more @christiansinrec

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Information about prescription drug addiction

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A few of the Christian voices in addiction recovery

* I know there are many more, but these are a few of the writers I read on a fairly regular basis.

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A few organizations doing great things in addiction recovery

  • The Herren Project non-profit foundation established by former NBA basketball player, Chris Herren, that assists individuals and families struggling with addiction. @HerrenProject
  • Gregg’s Gift Resources for families dealing with young adults struggling with addiction. Gregg’s Gift is also a nonprofit advocating to help to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the illegal sale of prescription pills on the Internet. @Greggsgift
  • Lock the Cabinet  Resources specifically for parents and prevention. Educating parents on the epidemic of prescription drug abuse among youth.  @lockthecabinet
  • Teen Challenge Nearly 200 residential Teen Challenge centers across the USA provide care for people of all ages demonstrating a need for intensive help with life-controlling problems.

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If you have had valuable experience with other resources specifically for struggling with prescription drug addiction, please contact me.


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Photo Credit:  Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA/OWI Collection, LC-DIG-fsa-8b31801

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  1. Deb and Dave,

    Thank you for your transparency. If I have learned nothing else in life, I do know that in God’s ecomnomy NOTHING is ever wasted. Your pain, struggles, heartaches and fears will in some way be used by the LORD to help someone else along their life journey…sort of like Pilgrim on his progress to the promised city. Deb, the years spent in Bangladesh gave you a strength you may not of known you had I admire the courage of you both. If your marriage was able to survive this ordeal, it will survive anything. Remeber at the end of the day you only have each other, so hold on tight and enjoy the rest of what God has in store for you!

    Judy (Smith) David

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