Healing our community

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because people do change

34 year old me is desperately jealous of 44 year old me.

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pride, part two . . . or, a sampler of thoughts on arrogance

Sometimes, my “better than” comes from wounds. Maybe yours does, too.

Healing our community, Hurt & Faith

a swift current of sorrow

I am exhausted from swimming in and out of the current. I long for a boat of bliss, to float above grief, to get out of the river.

Addiction & Recovery, Family, Healing our community, Hurt & Faith, Restoration

when you don’t know what to do, try love

Determination only gets so far in the day in day out.
And romantic stubbornness turns cold.

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12 great things you learn when you skip school to go to a Super Bowl parade

I get why school wasn’t cancelled for the Seattle Seahawks victory parade. People had to work, I appreciate that. But for my family, it was worth dropping everything to go — and they even learned a few things:

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a prescription for addiction

A little piece of our story made it to the cover of the New York Times this week . . .
That little piece is a drug called Suboxone.

Healing our community, Hurt & Faith

right, wrong, and grace

But over the past ten years, God has been peeling. Peeling and peeling the layers of me. And I am confronted often by who I think I should be and who I am.

And why.

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blessings for healing, brotherhood

Peacemaking is not all sanitized photo-ops and signed documents and kisses on cheeks and shaking hands.
Real peace-making is ugly, painful, costly.

Healing our community

power in a parking lot

Yesterday, I had a Jesus moment. That moment when everything around you, all the stuff you are trying to do for Him is stripped away

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