when medical professionals refuse to take addiction recovery seriously

When a recovering addict tells you repeatedly that what you are offering is his poison, there has to be a way to make sure you don’t hand him a death sentence in a tiny paper cup.


going retro: recklessness and regret

I’m sure there are people who get through this part of life without a blip. But I’m not that kind of girl/woman/lady/whatever I am now. Oh no. In my life, there’s no such thing as a smooth transition.


five favorite things for February

Sometimes it’s the little things.

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Everyone loves a comeback

Sometimes, you just need to see with your own eyes and feel the impossible win.

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Obsessed with personality quizzes? Me too.

[Warning: quizzes referenced in this post may contain offensive questions, grammar, spelling and logic.]

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repost: a light between here and there

the Grandma I wrote about in this post passed away today. she was an example to me of a love that endures at a time when I needed it most.


when I lament the things I haven’t taught my daughter

. . . as I speak aloud these inherited loves, I realize the most important things I’ve learned from my mom never came from an actual lesson at all but from a life . . . and that the learning is still going on today.

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a light between here and there

I wonder how long we will live along this dark highway. . . in the dailyness of nurturing, guiding, growing, of learning to be faithful in small things.

Because sometimes, I wrestle with the limits of my little light.

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when I fear I have lost my flavor

Sometimes, discouragement knocks hard on your door and it takes everything in you not to invite it in to share a giant piece of chocolate cake.

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